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Your happiness is all that matters to us


Well! We would like to welcome you first to the place you are meant to be. You are at the right place with the right thought to finding your Interior Designer!
Why us? It is a question pops up before you go for your dream home interiors. Thus, it is crucial for us to explain the future of our relationship and the result of our work with the unwavering passion of our best-in-the-industry team to present you with the best in the world. You surely wanted to know more, Isn’t it? Let’s go and check out Why Luxosy?

1. Best-In-The-Industry team

Team Luxosy is going to make you really happy with the precision and expertise they bring to your table. Our team makes sure, your vision is uncompromised and executed to its best. A team that understands you, treats your dream home as their mission and makes sure you get awestruck by our results.

2. Premium Luxury Designs that are class-apart!
Saw something on the internet that looks impossible to have at your home? No, more! Our Remarkable Designs when it comes to Interior Build, Interior Designs and Exterior Designs for both Residential and Commercial Projects. We design homes/offices that are futuristic, warm and tech-enabled. These are sure to place your home or office at the top of your neighbours'/ competitors’ list of ENVY!!! Fabulous and trendy interior designs that embrace your vision is what we create.

3. A Tech Take On Home Interiors
The tech revolution has taken over the world by storm. And we thought “We cannot keep our lovely clients and their beautiful home or office spaces away from this guilty pleasure!”. We offer a wide range of Home Automation, Home Security and Smart Home tech solutions to our clients. This adds comfort, minimalism and brings down the number of important tasks like switching off lights, gadgets, water taps, closing the door, the main gate, and answering the door. Too tiring without the technology right? We feel that too!

4. Custom Designs
We are all-in for personal styles and taking things a little upbeat matching your imagination and inspirations behind your dream project. Interiors of your home are a reflection of you and custom interiors and designs provide us with the required motivation to create according to your taste. Custom Interior Designs, Exterior Designs and Custom world of furniture are our unique offerings. Your dream is our command! Love all the whys?

5. 100% Quality and Service Assurance
A promise made is a promise kept at Luxosy! We believe in serving our clients with the best in the world. We maintain top quality in all the materials used in your home. Our team is 100% invested in your project. This team is all yours while they are creating your luxurious, warm and unique space. Our support team is available to answer your queries during the process. We love addressing all your queries so that we may see you cheered up and excited all over again.



Whether re-shaping architecture or creating a new furniture composition for a particular space the planning is an integral part of the design process.


Reviewing and Improving layouts as a part of the spatial planning


A series of artistic drawings are paired with each board in order to help clients visualise the complete design.


Dressing any space is a service that has become increasingly in demand. Unique accessories and object d'art are carefully chosen to reflect their owner's individual style and add that finishing

Interior Design

The biggest design trends across the Globe

Exteriors Design

The biggest design trends across the Globe

Smart-Home Tech

Combining the power of interoperability, connectivity and machine intelligence to define the future of smart home technology


Creating a buyer's desire

Home Securities

Home protected by the required surveillance and best in class security measures for your integrated home. The security measures include Intrusion Alarm & Detection System, Remote Monitoring and creating an Alert zone for a safe and secure home.


Home automation is the process and a small feature behind what a smart home or interconnected home really is


Amit Shrma Customer

"Can’t wait to use it again was the best decision I made while redecorating my room. Hiring an interior designer was completely out of the question for me.

Amit Shrma Customer

"Can’t wait to use it again was the best decision I made while redecorating my room. Hiring an interior designer was completely out of the question for me.